Meet the WooHoo Sistahs

A Little Bit About WooHoo We Are:

Remember that fantastic group of girls you loved dearly back in grade school… the ones that you swore would be your “best friends forever”? Yes? Well, we aren’t those girls. But we do share so much with that grade school dynamic... except we can drive, we go to work, we pay bills, mom no longer does our hair every morning AND sometimes, after a really tough day at the office we go share an adult beverage with our friends — and that’s how the WooHoo Sistahs got started.

The founding Sistahs began as a gathering of coworkers stunned to discover how much they had in common when the conversation expanded beyond work and included all the other things they would LIKE to do with their time. One thing led to another, the shenanigans to a name — the WOOHOO SISTAHS** — the idle chatter to a plan, the plan to nonprofit incorporation and the nonprofit to where we are today... a dynamic group of women supporting our charities, philanthropy and each other and having a whole lot of fun in the process.

**why 'woohoo' and why 'sistahs' you ask? Well... since you brought it up, DebY was always calling us the sisters she never had and we had a tendency to yell 'woohoo!' whenever there was something to celebrate, get excited over, emphasize---- or sometimes just as a greeting upon the appearance of a late arriving sistah ---so we dubbed ourselves [naturally] the WOOHOO SISTAHS! Get Yourself some Sistahs

Meet the Sistahs! 

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